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 "YOUR financial gifts of support today,
  will help us to reach
 our $62,000 goal,
needed to complete our documentary."
Small or Large  ~  $1 -$1000



         Can you help us reach our goal?

                              It's been 4 years 
                           and we are so close                                                     to completing our project.                                        
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             Our research shows that there are many                      individuals and communities who know that:

            Music is an EXCITING and 
            POWERFUL teaching tool 

               There are fewer K-12 
      music programs and music teachers                       then ever before...

               Many parents and communities                                           are looking for solutions...
                                    How do we
                       Bring Music Back to Schools


                                THE ANSWER... 
                        Music Integrated Education 
             Across ALL subjects and ALL grades; k-12

             But we truly need your help.  

Bravo Gente's LLC. is an educational film  production and publishing company.  Our mission is to present informative and inspiring documentaries, books and music recordings, related to the overwhelming number of studies and abundant research about...
  Early Brain Development
 "Music Integrated Education"


We used our 2017 budget wisely 
and are happy to share with you 
what we accomplished...                 

We completed our research, 
we've finished our project websites, 
we completed our social media development, 
we began our preliminary film production 
and publishing production, 
so we are ready to begin sharing 
our documentary project 
with others who understand 
how important our documentary is, 
once it is completed. 



Bring Music Back to Schools: 

The Documentary & The Conversation

They say that a child’s brain begins learning and developing the moment that sound and rhythm is heard and that language follows there after. This documentary begins there but takes us on a cinematic journey to reveal and document the relationship between children, teachers and music artists, while putting them all together within the concept of learning.  Children come into this world, wanting to "love" and to "learn".  If a child is fortunate to develop a "love of learning", then their life is full, vibrant and beautiful.

This new and vibrant documentary will demonstrate, as seen in over 100 neuro-imaging studies, that music activates and integrates multiple brain networks, even before birth.

Now for the first time, due to recent developments in digital imaging, studies have demonstrated structural brain changes due to integrated music education beginning as early as five months after conception and well through early childhood.

When music activates and integrates multiple brain networks, it helps preborn babies, infants, preschoolers and students K - 12, to formulate questions, synthesize, and articulate learning across all core subjects.

This fascinating documentary will show the desire in children to make music is a spontaneous reaction. It will show how research experiments have discovered that the processing of music is "hardwired" in the human brain. The desire to learn and participate and engage in music makes the learning curve of all subjects easily integrated AND FUN.

We will also demonstrate how K- 12 teachers have already produced creative and innovative ways to “integrate music into education” across all curricula. A new generation of Music Artist Educators and Teacher collaboration provides this gateway. Already proven to be successful, we will share the efficacy of this methodology.

What’s beautiful about this methodology is that it is WIN WIN WIN. We will see how the integration of the music artist educator’s skill, in collaboration with a teacher’s knowledge of the subject matter, creates growth within all participants. The artist becoming a teacher, is as important to the artist’s development, as music is to the student’s learning process.  When teachers expand their teaching methodologies to include music, they rapidly produce their desired academic goals for all their students, of all ages, across all subjects.

A unique aspect of this journey and a vital cornerstone of BMBS "The Documentary" is that we will follow music artists from around the country as they become certified Music Artist Educators also known as “Teaching Artists”.  We will show how they become introduced into the educational environment, how they integrate their gifts and talent as artists and will document their success from start to finish.

Upon successful completion, Bring Music Back to School "The Documentary", will also become a wonderful tool for communities all across America.  This documentary is your documentary. It can be shown in communities and attract other artists to develop into successful Music Artist Educators. It will further inspire our teachers to develop and expand their potential in bringing educational mastery into our schools.  We will spotlight teachers who are already having stunning results in their classrooms by integrating music into their lesson plans on a daily basis.

We will share how with community support, the vital conversation of "music integrated education" can be introduced by parents, families, teachers and students.  As conversations are shared and music is integrated into more and more lesson plans, higher levels of academic success throughout our education will be achieved and most important, OUR CHILDREN WILL DEVELOP A  LIFE LONG LOVE OF LEARNING.

This documentary will be used as a fundraiser in every community to help sponsor 1) a musician in their community to become accredited as a Teaching Artist 2) to help subsidize teachers who need supplies for their schools as they integrate music into their lesson plans.  3) to subsidize after school programs for music integrated education tutoring.

With your support, it is our goal and mission to demonstrate the integration of music and learning and how powerful music integrated education truly is. With your help, we can all contribute to the future of whole men and women, prone to lifelong learning, intelligent critical thinking and blossoming through vibrant collaborative learning.


Parents-to-be, Grandparents-to-be, Family, Friends,
Teachers, Community Leaders, Music Lovers.
Your early support will help towards the making of:

Bring Music Back To Schools:
The Documentary The Conversation

 Can you help us? 

      *Small or large ...   
       your gift of support today, 

   will make a world of difference 
   for k-12 students across America. 

Funding Gifts so far...  

  "YOUR financial gifts of support today,
  will help us to reach our $62,000 goal,
needed to complete our documentary."

Small or Large  ~  $1 -$1000


                It is very important for us                       to share with you exactly how                  your gift of financial support          will be used for our 2018 budget.

Production Development and Staff - 8k

Archive and Stock Footage, Images and Music Rights – 10k

Production and Film Personnel  - 20k

Travel – 2K

Post Production - 15k

Insurance - 2k

Office, Administration, Overhead - 5k

 "YOUR financial gifts of support today,
  will help us to reach our $62,000 goal,
needed to complete our documentary."

With your help, we believe that we will reach our goal and fulfill our mission to;

"Bring Music Back To Schools". 

Our educational film documentary has been a dream and a labor of love since 2013/2014. Our research and development has been truly a fulfilling journey of discovery and understanding. We've been fortunate to already begin filming important content that begins the educational process for everyone who will see our film in the future. Understanding why music is so important to early brain development is just the beginning deeper understanding as to "WHY" Bringing Music Back to Schools is a vital step in the lives of future men and women, prone to a lifelong love of learning and....  

We hope you will join us and share the journey. As our community spreads across the country, we look forward to bringing you great news of our progress with periodic updates.  Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us and considering to be a part of the solution for the next generation of young women and men who walk and work through their lives, with a "Life Long Love of Learning".

From All of Us at Bravo Gente...

we give you our eternal gratitude.

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   Private Link       Streaming Video of Official Film Release;  Showing Dates est. Winter 2018 


   Bring Music Back to Schools

         "The Documentary &                          The Conversation"                  

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            Private Link                  Streaming Video of        Official Film Release;

         Bring Music              Back to Schools            "The Documentary &                   The Conversation"  

   Showing Dates est. Winter 2018

         AND Webinar with               Dr. Rene Van de Carr   

  Father of the Preborn Classroom 

President of 
Prenatal University

Since 1986   

thank you 
for your support!



Just a few of the            important topics                we'll be discussing...

  • "What IS ...                   Preborn Enrichment?    
  • When did it all begin?"
  • MUSIC AND                          WHOLE BRAIN LEARNING... 
  • Exciting "Music Integrated Education" methods that parents and teachers are using to enhance the "Love of Learning" for children of all ages; preborn babies, newborns, infants and k-12.
  • "How your baby's brain and your child's brain, develops in response to what they experience".
  • Learn how Neural Impairment and Deficits, caused by modern day stresses or stress due to poverty and neglect, can be prevented during pregnancy and infancy.
  • Learn how you, your family and your preborn baby can experience a "Preborn Enrichment Program"and begin a lifelong bond and learning relationship. 

And so much more...

$40 USD 

    *When we send you           our thank you gift of a       book, audio book or dvd,
      you will also 
receive      a 1-year gift membership to 
                                                  Prenatal University
        Learning Portal

    $40.00 USD  *free shipping


"Music and               
The Preborn Classroom"             
A Comprehensive Review of 5 Renown    "Preborn Enrichment Programs"       

                 First Edition                                          We are due to ship                                    Spring/Summer 2018

SPECIAL FIRST EDITION ~ PRE-ORDER                    YOUR BOOK AND                               YOUR PREBORN BABY DIARY            "ALL-IN-ONE" DOUBLE VOLUME   

Did you know that...

A baby's brain development begins long before birth, along with their love of music and love of learning.

100 billion neurons by birth and an astonishing 250,000 neurons a minute are multiplying in the first month, following conception. Dr. Rene Van de Carr; "Father of the Preborn Classroom", explains that preborn babies can learn to respond to different kinds of stimuli, including  MUSIC, Sound, Voice and Rhythm. 

Have you ever wondered why music can bring such spontaneous energy and joy to the moment. Why "Music Integrated Education" can activate multiple brain networks, event before birth.

Music and The Preborn Classroom is a  very special book. While it is a  unique pregnancy book for mothers and fathers-to-be, as well as grandparents-to-be., it is also a fantastic book for teachers, musicians and MUSIC LOVERS who wish to learn about important history, research and studies, that reveal why we love music from the day we are born and throughout our entire lives.

It is also a book that can teach you, how to begin a  bonding, communication and learning relationship  with your preborn baby, that can last a lifetime.                                   

*you can buy a copy or several copies, either for yourself or copies to share with loved ones who would like to participate in your preborn baby's experience of Music and The Preborn Classroom.  Also, we can donate a book in your name or anonymously, to a mother-to-be and her preborn baby in need.  You are welcome to provide us the name of a clinic or library you would like us to donate your book or books to.

Just let us know ;-)


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