The Power of Music and Education:

"How Community and Business Partnerships
are Changing the Lives of our future Men and Women"

We are very excited to invite Community Leaders and Business Owners, from every state and every city, to partner towards the future of vibrant young men and women in their communities.

Ways you can help

"Bring Music back to Schools" during phase One

Step 1 - Share our website

You can help us by sharing our website with your friends, family , your children’s teachers & social network.

Step 2 – Loving the Conversation!

You can help us by giving us a thumbs up on our facebook page and letting us know what state you are from. We can light up the entire map, city by city, state by state with the conversation about THE POWER OF MUSIC AND EDUCATION.

Step 3 – Stay informed

We would like to send you an email to explain how Bring Music Back to Schools THE DOCUMENTARY, upon completion, can be shared throughout your community.

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Friends, Family, Teachers, Music Lovers. The power of music
and education.

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