Bring Music Back to Schools Is Honoring Dr. Van de Carr And His deep commitment to MUSIC AND THE PREBORN CLASSROOM.

"A gift of enrichment given before birth,
is a gift that will last for generations."

                                            Dr. Rene Van de Carr 
                                      Father of the Preborn Classroom and 
                                         Founder of Prenatal University 
                                                           Since 1986

Prenatal University ( is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Prenatal University and The Preborn Classroom program grew out of the pioneering work on prenatal education, first developed in 1979 by Dr. Rene Van de Carr, an obstetrician based in Hayward California. 

Dr. Van de Carr wrote, “"There is a critical time in an infant's development beginning at about five months into pregnancy. Interaction between the baby and its environment stimulates brain growth both before and after birth." This is the fundamental principal on which he bases his program, developed in 1979, after his research showed how babies could benefit from prenatal stimulation.

       The Preborn Classroom is where 

                            "the love of learning" begins....

The program expanded into the comprehensive Preborn Classroom curriculum, designed for preborns, newborns, and family members. The goal of The Prenatal University was to help parents and family members foster a better fetal environment for the preborn baby and provide opportunities for early learning relationship between parent and child that can last a lifetime. 

By the 1990’s, The Prenatal University had collected data on more than 3,000 children who had graduated through The Preborn Classroom curriculum. Since then, The Prenatal University has published scientific articles about these children and has given numerous lectures, conferences, and interviews on national television and for domestic and international magazines. Due to time constraints, most news coverage emphasizes having “smarter” babies but barely touch upon the practical ways to teach your “Preborn Baby” before birth, and the incredible good feelings and positive bonding that can occur among family members who use The Prenatal University Program. This is why The Prenatal University and Dr. Van de Carr, have decided to release “The Preborn Classroom” - the digital audio DVD book, with hopes that families can join the thousands of satisfied families who have used The Prenatal University program.

Recently, Dr. Van de Carr and his team, added a new program called “ The Living Younger Institute”. As we developed our prenatal and post birth programs in the past, it became apparent that diversity, multi-sensory, and interactive patterns of stimulation and activity seemed to be most important in the individuals development.   We have learned that self-perception, motivation, and diversification in sensory stimulation, greatly affects our interactive activity and preservation of our cognitive capabilities. We feel that music can play an important part in the expression of emotion for mature individuals and senior citizens. We are committed to helping to fund the additional research so direly needed in these areas. 

Through every stage of life, from preborn to senior living, the human spirit yearns for happiness. Enriching cognitive capabilities from before birth and preservation of our cognitive capabilities through our senior years, can bring us true happiness for an entire lifetime.   

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